Community Relations

1-800-2 SELL HOMES is committed to supporting our community.

It is our goal to be a good corporate citizen.

You choose who we support.

Corporately, we are passionate about supporting abused women and children, Rescued and abused animals and Cancer research; however, it is your right to suggest another charitable organization that benefits from our business relationship.

       Our suggestions:




                       Orphaned animals: The Good Shepherd  

                                                          PO Box 584 Bokchito, OK 74726                                                           1-580-924-0346

                       Orphaned animals:

                       Orphaned animals:

We believe in investing in registered charitable organizations.

If you have questions or if you would like to submit your organization to be considered, please e-mail Paulette Kingston at

Thank You!


*$20,000.00 annual limit to non-profit agencies.